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Keep it Simple - 2 Rules for Successful Growth by Christian Kröncke

Published: 07/03/2019

Building a new business may be paved with a few speed bumps. More times than not, a strong start-up phase is followed by a stagnant management mode. By trade, Christian Kröncke (39) is an expert at administration. He also used to be a police officer, until he decided he needed a change. Today, 10 years after joining PM-International, as Platinum President’s Team, he is a distinguished Leader of Excellence. He’s among the 25 most successful distribution partners at PM-International and is happy to share two simple rules about how to boost your business. The key phrase really is to “Keep it Simple!”

Rule #1: There is no problem in Network Marketing which cannot be solved by new firstlines.

You’re bound to run into problems along your journey with PM. Again and again, you’ll see Team Partners starting out into the business and dropping out again quickly. Same thing applies to customers as well. But actually, it’s not a problem, that’s just the way the business works. It’s important to remember: Stick to what you know really works. So, stick to sponsoring. Everything we do, starts with sponsoring. Because registrations lead to autoships. Autoships lead to turnover. And ultimately, turnover leads to payouts.

If you manage a team, do it from a strong position. It means never neglecting your own sponsoring-activities and raising the bar to where you want your Team Partners to be as well. 


Rule #2: A customer is a customer; a Team Partner is a Team Partner.

Know the difference, and make sure to respond to everyone’s individual needs. Customer service is simple. They’re interested in the products and expect to see results. FitLine’s high-quality products are your most reliable tools in this case. After all, customers around the world feel and experience results every day and have done so for the past 25 years.

Now, although every Team Partner usually starts out as a customer, do not try to turn every customer into a Team Partner. Yes, every contact and every customer has the potential to become the next new President’s Team. But don’t just carelessly hoard up as many people as possible. Be a leader. Help new Team Partners to be successful. And they may become one of the supporting pillars of your business.

It’s these two simple rules, which have helped turn Christian turn his business into so much more than just a business. He says: “The business means personal freedom to me. I get to enjoy my life with my family, with my wife and two children. We enjoy the personal freedom. Personal freedom often comes with financial freedom. And that’s what this business can hold in store for you.”